Detroit Eats: Highland Park Farmers’ Market

This is the second market profile of Detroit Eats! photo essay project.

The Highland Park Farmers’ Market is located in a parking lot next to a strip mall and the first Model T production plant. This interesting limbo between past and present is seen in multi-generational crowd at the market as well. A DJ blasts popular music and most of the tents are manned by high school youth who are a part of the SAFETY program (Successful Alliance For Educated Talented Youth). The young volunteers have an impressive amount of patience and respect with picky customers, and answer their questions the best they can. Meanwhile, one woman is so elderly that she requests a chair to sit in as she picks out which greens she wants.

“I’m about as country as a couch on the porch” -- Mississippi

One of the tents not operated by youth is dedicated solely to Mississippi’s Zucchini Bread, “The Bread That Talks to Your Heart.” I introduce myself to the baker, and ask what he name is. “Miss Issippi.” Pardon? “Mississippi.” Later I find out her name is actually Ms. Harvey, but I agree to call her Mississippi because the sample of bread that she gave me was so tasty.

The Highland Park Farmers’ Market is still relatively new, established in 2012.  However, it is very eager to get word out to the community and provide healthy food amongst other things. In early August, the Market handed out backpacks and school supplies for students to celebrate Neighborhoods Day. They are dedicated to nurturing literacy in the classroom and health literacy for youth as well.  We’re excited to see how the Highland Park Farmers’ Market continues to grow and spread these important messages within its city!

“It’s cool you get to help out the community, get the produce that doesn’t get out there.”

The Highland Park Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday from 10am -2pm at 53 East Manchester (1 block east of Woodward). The market is one of 14 Detroit Community Markets supported by the Detroit Food & Fitness Collaborative.

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