New Release: Economic Analysis of Detroit’s Food System

Detroit’s rich agricultural history, vibrant community food system, and expanding food business opportunities were the impetus for the development of the Detroit Food & Fitness Collaborative Economic Analysis of Detroit’s Food System.

In mid- to late 2013, research and data collection for the study took place with the help of many diverse stakeholders, including food advocates and practitioners, business and municipal leaders, and community residents. The study documents both opportunities and gaps in the food system, with the purpose of helping to guide and inform future investments.

Recommendations were developed to

  • increase localization;
  • strengthen public policy and systems change activities;
  • develop career and training opportunities across the food value chain; and
  • further develop a growing local food ecosystem in the city.

Next steps include focus groups to review recommendations and develop an action plan for moving the needle on the great opportunities highlighted in the study. Be on the lookout for a focus group near you; we’d love for you to join us!

Please send your questions or comments on the study to: Meredith Freeman,

MJK Community Partners LLC,

Economic Analysis of Detroit’s Food System: Executive Summary

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