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Yoga. It’s consistently amazing to me how one word, one activity can capture such a variety of experiences for those who give it a chance! There are many reasons why one would try yoga, including strength training for athletic goals, improving overall health and fitness, reducing stress, and learning meditation techniques. The great thing about yoga is that it does all of those things and more. So, regardless of why someone starts, they reap the benefits of all of the other things that yoga can do.

When I heard about People for Palmer Park’s free summer yoga program on Saturdays, I was delighted. What a great way to engage the community: with an activity that seeks to connect the body, mind, and soul, while also creating awareness of one’s connection to others and the natural world. And did I mention free? The cost of a single yoga class ranges, but it is typically $10-$12. So the economics are easy! It is a perfect opportunity to try out something new or, like me, to continue learning about the benefits of this activity.

“Namaste” is a Sanskrit term and it is often heard at the start and conclusion of a yoga class. Namaste as a gesture consists of placing your hands together in front of your heart and offering a slight bow. It is a symbol of gratitude and respect and, to (greatly) simplify it, sends the message, “I honor you” to the recipient. Palmer Park is an urban oasis and a great setting for residents and friends to connect through yoga. The physical and spiritual work transitions into a peaceful mental state as class concludes in the Detroit sunshine.

Namaste indeed.

Yoga at Palmer Park takes place on Saturdays, 9:00-10:00 a.m. in the clearing next to the pool parking lot. Details, dates, and more can be seen here. The Palmer Park summer yoga classes are supported by an Active Living Detroit Mini-Grant, jointly sponsored by the Healthy Environments Partnership and the Detroit Food & Fitness Collaborative.

2 Responses to Palmer Park Yoga

  1. Nicole Nicole says:

    I am a yoga teacher in Birmingham and would love to get involved!!!!

  2. Sarah James Sarah James says:

    We are working on next summer’s yoga class in the park, and we’re going to have t’ai chi too! Can’t wait.

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