Springwells Soccer

For six weeks every summer, Urban Neighborhood Initiatives offers Summer at the Center, an enrichment program for children and youth ages 6-14. Of all the activities that our students participate in, soccer is almost always the favorite. In our neighborhood it does not take long to find a group of kids kicking a ball around because in southwest Detroit, soccer is king.

I have always enjoyed playing soccer but it was not until I started working with the youth of Springwells Village that I fell in love with the sport. Therefore, we have started Springwells Soccer!

The program was made possible in part through an Active Living Detroit Mini-Grant jointly sponsored by Healthy Environments Partnership and the Detroit Food & Fitness Collaborative.

Springwells Soccer is one element of our summer program where we offer the children and youth of our neighborhood a safe, fun, and desirable place to play soccer. Our goal is for our youth to develop an active lifestyle, build meaningful relationships, learn teamwork and good sportsmanship, and ultimately grow in their love and ability for the game. All of our games are played at Springdale Green, a park developed by our organization located in the center of Springwells Village. It is well known by the youth of our neighborhood as a great place for soccer!

The mission of Urban Neighborhood Initiatives is to transform struggling urban neighborhoods into safe, vibrant, cohesive communities. We do this by intertwining both community and human development. For more information visit our website at unidetroit.org.

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